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Taubman Centers, Inc. is a real estate investment trust that invests in shopping centers.

A former employee said this in a review: "Unprofessional management and very bottom line driven. Colleague in the IT department had a heart attack on the floor due to work stress. Don't work at Taubman Centers".


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This is a conservative company for those in their 40s with families and for those who are already well established in their careers. The opportunities for advancement are sparse at best, and the company would rather hire from the outside to fill a vacancy than elevate existing employees. There are basically only 5 levels to achieve, Analyst, Manager, Director, VP, and C-Level, and those that are in those positions have most likely been with the company for 20+ years. I cannot stress this enough - if you are a Millennial and looking for a stimulating, social, and engaging work environment where you'll have lots of opportunity to showcase your talents and managerial skills, this is not the place for you. The workplace is a cubicle farm, with employees positions in the corporate caste system clearly denoted by where they sit. Analysts get the lowest walls (perfect for their managers prying eyes to see over the top of your cube), while managers get higher walls, and directors sit behind glass walls with their doors closed to the rest of the grunts out in the farm. Don't try to do things your own way or make suggestions on how business should be advanced. Managers often have their own agendas and prefer to micromanage all the creativity, flexibility, and independence out of their employees, Your day will be filled with meaningless meetings, impromptu check-ins, and constant status updates. Don't try and think of conducting your project in your own way - mangers with employees who don't conform, make their lives more difficult because of it. Are you more results and outcome orientated? Like to listen to music while you work? Are you a quick worker? Don't do any of these things! You're minute to minute will be monitored due to manger's lack of trust in their employees and anything outside of the traditional model employee mold will be met with disapproval. Managers may try and task you with leading small projects, however due to the corporate caste system that exists, it's impossible to gain any traction. No matter how business critical your project is, If you rank below an individual, your ask is likely to be ignored, and your meeting skipped (with no advanced notification) as it's viewed as unimportant. This is a company of double standards and unwritten rules, and the rules arbitrarily applied to one employee may not be universally applied to all. Late to a meeting by 1 minute because you're previous meeting ran long? Doesn't matter - you're not respectful of other's time. But if you're a manager, well, "there's a business reason for that." Salaried employee that runs late in the morning, but works late, takes 9 PM Friday conference calls, and works on the weekend? Unacceptable - even though you're working well more than your 40 hours. Mangers and above can do this without reproach. Need to run home at lunch? Better have permission! Laptop 3 years old, broken and cracked? We'll give you another hand-me-down, while management walks around with their shiny new Surfaces (which they can barely use because they're "too busy" for training). If you're at the bottom of the caste, don't expect to be treated as an equal, because you're not."


"Overworked employees, management never attempts to evaluate employees workload to determine feasibility, rather employees are told to 'figure it out'. Management takes credit for employees good ideas, and throws employees 'under the bus' on a regular basis."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too many to list, working holidays, micromanagers, can't leave property to run errands, vulgar, terrible work environment, no advancement opportunity..."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No room for advancement. Managers and directors closed minded. Preference for hiring poorly qualified employees, instead of professional persons. Good workers not valued. Management operates on the principles of workplace gossip, among employees. Supervisors un professional, and un trained, not reprimanded by management, for un appropriate behavior and actions."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The cons include poor & deceitful department leadership who demoralize employees, treat unfairly, & set unrealistic goals (due to countless deal restraints) so commission rarely gets rewarded. Dept. Leadership allows some Agents to do certain things where others would on a performance plan or be terminated. The department is ruled by fear and if one speaks up, there will be definite retaliation, a target on your back, and termination will eventually result. When department leadership felt threatened by a leasing agent about being reported for unethical behavior or this specialty leasing agent stood in the way of career advancement, this employee was terminated. The specialty leasing department is a hostile and unhealthy work environment. This is a known fact by so many other departments but pushed under the rug."

Current Employee - Lease Administrator says

"Management seems to be out of the loop from what is happening as far as morale, uneven workloads and truly knowing what we do."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Unfortunately the Specialty Leasing department at this organization is not the same. There is complete lack of leadership, direction and oversight within this department that creates discontentment, dysfunction and low morale."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not all departments are created equal...some get major bonuses and great treatment, while others get the scraps. Micro-management is very heavy in this company. There is little room for advancement. You will often be worked beyond your pay grade and job description...and this work is for free, because it is offered as "experience opportunities"."

Former Employee - Individual Contributor says

"...but often falls short on achieving those values. If you are anything below a director level, there is little opportunity to advance within the company. Preference is to hire outside the company for director and above even if you've been with the company for years and is an expert on the company's goals and strategies. Although they are proud of their work-life balance policy, the real expectation is that you devote as much time as you can to the job and are expected to be on-call at all times. Emails at 3am are not unusual in certain departments. All goals needs to be "exceed" in order to even get a decent raise at year end. For a company that "values tomorrow, today" this is a very conservative company. Tries to be innovative and "pushes the envelope" but is not a real risk-taker. Would try to implement things but would abandon it at the hint of possible failure. Not one to "test, learn, and test again" and it shows in some of their projects. If you are a vendor, get ready to be frustrated. Management will work you over and over again -- for the same initial price. More often than not, they will just go with what they want and not go with any of your recommendations after the fifth, sixth, and tenth revisions (even though the scope of work only asked for three). If you are just starting out in your career, this is a good company to work with. You will learn to work hard and work long hours, be able to learn the nuances of office politics (ahem, you do all the work and somebody else gets the credit), and have a good foundation of skills and experience to take to your NEXT job."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company suffers from analysis paralysis. Every decision is "fact based" unless the "facts" are made up to support the decision. While there are smart and talented people at the company, unfortunately, those individuals are not in positions of leadership and seem to be the ones that leave when they realize that politics trumps knowledge. They also believe their own PR. They are living off a reputation that was created a long time ago, but does not seem to hold true anymore."

support analyst (Former Employee) says

"Unprofessional management and very bottom line driven. Colleague in the IT department had a heart attack on the floor due to work stress. One colleague retired after 30 years and the company did not even have a farewell gathering for him. I worked for 2 years before i was right sized due to the company not making profit margins for the year. If you like being run into the ground and always concerned about being fired or right sized a concept Taubman came up with then this is the job for you!! Yes they give free lunch, but they expect you to work during your lunch period. Just stop and think about that for a minute. Upper management is even worst then mid or lower level. The Taubman family mainly the sons are pampered disconnected jerks who are in need of a reality check. Bottom line the company was founded by someone who did jail time for price fixing that along should tell you all you need to knowHigher payeverything else"

Leasing (Current Employee) says

"Company starts out a great place to work, everyone appears friendly. However, if you do not join the 'clicks' within various departments, you are considered an outsider. Management staffs cater to the under achievers vs. the over achievers.Free lunchUnprofessional Management staffs"

Leasing Executive (Former Employee) says

"fierce culture that promoted empolyee competition . It was combative and stressful. However, I understand the culture has since drastically changed for the betterfree mealsnon inclusive"

Specialty Leasing Agent Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I learned that not just potential employees enhance their qualifications."

Sr Disbursement Coordinator for Accounts Payable (Current Employee) says

"In a typical day their are invoices to process, assist employees with Their expense reports and process expense reports, data entyr of invoices, process check run once a week, work with Treasury on check processing, process daily wires thought Treasury and enter inot the Acoounting system. Asssit any employees with any JDE accounting questiosn or Concur questions. Every day is a learning and growing oppurtunity.Free Lunch Program"

Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I had a good experience overall. Although they need to improve their HR department. I did not like receiving calls claiming that I was out of vacation time during my maternity leave."

IT (Former Employee) says

"The people at Taubman are great. Very proactive and project focused; yet friendly and supportive. I miss the people I worked with"

Center Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Loved my co-workers. The work grew more interesting as time went by, and I was able to learn a lot about the day-to-day operations of a large retail property. There was always something new every day and I worked with lots of different people, from contracted workers to hospitality directors, independent retailers to retail giants. Unfortunately, I was part of a group that was let go due to a round of budget cuts.Stability, clear directionCould use more creativity"

j says

"i wouldn't say they are good to deal with just rubbish i asked for my money back and it was a no ,then i got asked for more money .100 % money back guarantee thats a joke then account manager gets angry actually have nothing no logo no web site i got accused falsely of a threat be aware of of the people ,STAY AWAY PEOPLE up dated logo venture has reported this just shows what you are dealing with STILL NO REFUND now a legal claim the federal trade commission and australian commerce commission is now investigation this out fit"

Caroline says

"Logo ventures took so long to deliver when I had explained it was urgent."

Damir Savkovic says

"I inquired about their service months ago, and they won't stop contacting me after repeated requests to stop advertising to me over phone and email as I didn't need their service anymore. I tried to call them today and speak to management about the issue and they hung up on my face and refused to pick up the phone after two repeated attempts to call. I was not once rude/ disprespectful on the phone or in writing, so it's not like they can say I was being abusive. I've never seen anything so unprofessional — the actual definition of spineless pests."

Paul Fitzpatrick says

"Signed up to have a logo designed and was happy with the logo designed then when it came time to get the actual logo was hit with the up sell to websites and logo registration which I declined. Requested I just be sent the logo I had chosen and paid for. The guy actually hung up on me and I haven't heard anything for 3 days now. Far from impressed. Just trying to get my money back now but getting no response. So I did get a response and now have my logo, but only after leaving a bad review. I was told the logo was on its way and it take s time, but seems convenient it arrived just after I left my review. Now I've had an argument on the phone to remove my review because apparently what I said didn't happen. I ended the call and then was called back immediately twice trying to get me to change the review. I'm happy with the Logo I finally received and I'll leave it at that."

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